Gaute Granli solo tour coming up - and review in The Sound Projector

"He moans vocally and wordlessly into an echo chamber with sinister intent; his guitar throws out shapeless strums and aimless riffs like a baboon casting coconuts from a tree; and percussion effects stumble blindly about the room like a hooded goblin."

-Ed Pinsent

Thought this review deserved some special attention, big thanks to The Sound Projector


a new Granli solo tour is coming up, and here are the dates:

20.09 Stavanger, NO - Consul80 w/Møster!
09.09 Moscow, RU - Bar Borodach
06.09 St Petersburg, RU - ESG21 - Spina!party
04.09 Tallinn, EST - Snakehouse w/Batalj
02.09 Vilnius, LT - SOTU Festival Lithuania - XI20 w/Batalj
30.08 Helsinki, FI - Vapaan Taiteen Tila
29.08 Oslo, NO - Pizdets w/Urd
28.08 Trondheim, NO - Klubb Kanin - RAKE